We can send you a Request or Scan QR code with your phone

Pay with Venmo!

Place your Online Order as Cash & send us the payment through Venmo.

Scan QR Code, send total amount (plus tip) and we will text you back when we receive it.

Text Number  818 473-9535

Or we can send you a Venmo Payment Request, text us that is what you want and what total.

Works for Pick Ups too!  Scan when you arrive.

Learn the Truth about DoorDash Grubhub Postmates & others


These Apps Are NOT FREE!

3rd party Apps like Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmates, Slice, Eatstreet, UberEats, Beyond Menu.... May appear free, but their food prices are higher, charge service fees, do not pay their drivers the tips (before class-action lawsuit) and for us the worst thing, chare the restaurants a commision.  Commissions are as high as 34 1/2%!  In 2019 we were charged $79,173.54 in 3rd party fees.

Help your local food makers by only ordering through the store's own Online Ordering App.  Help keep food prices down and safe a restaurant.

A single Order totalling $40 can ciost us 


Calls From Yelp can Cost Stores $5 per Call

When you find us from the Yelp App and see our listed phone number, it is correct, however, if you click on it to call us Yelp sells the call to Grubhub who will charge us for that call.  (our fee is typically about $4.78 ea. call)  They believe they have earned a commission for providing our phone number to you.

We have been charged for calls when a customer wants directions, to cancel an Order, and just to see if we are open.

They also record the phone call too.  

Leaning Tower does not record phone calls, ever.

Please enter our correct phone number in your Phone's Contacts

Then you will never have to use Google or Yelp again to find us.

Also, your contacts can be used to save our website Domain


Help us and all your Nieghborhood Stores

These 3rd party Apps have been very effective in separating Resturants and their customers.  

We like people to understand that there is nothing they do we don't already do, and we do it better, including our own in-house drivers.

Image where you work, you are at work and a 3rd party middleman App  That middleman sends you a fax, with no information of who your boss is, not contact info, maybe an address & time to drop it off...

Then they take 34% of your wages.

And if there is an issue, even if it was because of the 3rd party's mistake, you get reprimanded (maybe a bad Yelp).  

You don't even know who your boss is, or how to contact them to see what can be done to make them happy.

This is what it is like in today's restaurnt business.