Why We Do Not Recommend 3rd Party Apps


First Reason...

These Apps are not us, their menus are usually not managed by us.  Often the menus are not the same, not correct, not the same prices.  When you call them they are not us, they do not speak for us and their motivation to solve your issues are very rarely the same as ours.  If you are missing the pizza from a pizza, salad, wings meal, you want the pizza, not a refund!  We want to get you the pizza.

Apps are great at separating restaurants and customers.  When we get your order, we don't know who you are, we often don't get names, addresses, & contact info.  They can post our menu and "sell" us the order.  If there is a problem, their people might contact us but rarely do.  It just makes sense to deal with who is making your food.

Safety and Better Delivery

We have our own drivers.  We know them, we see them delivery to delivery.  They learn to know you.  Our drivers have supervisors who can see if they are not well, following rules, etc.  We you order from an App, the drivers only contact is with that App which is only from their phone!  They have no office, no supervisor, no place to wash up, no place to report to.  Our drivers are washing dishes between deliveries.  Our drivers get free food, there is no resason to take food from a delivery.

We see the drivers from these Apps, many are very good, very interested to doing a good job.  Many are not people we would hire for our staff.  Very few carry warming bags, most deliver for multiple Apps at the very same time.  So your order is probably waiting in their car while they drive across town to pick up an order from another store from another App.   Many times we will tell a driver order will be another 4 minutes and they just leave.  They go to another restaurant, to pick up an order from another App, now your order has been waiting and they report we are late.....

Typical 3rd Party Delivery Issues

We hear of many problems, missing food, cold food (that should be hot), food is partially eaten, late deliveries.  All restaurants try to get orders out timely, and we too can be late on deliveries.  The services that track our online delivery order has us at 94% on time.  We package all hot items separately from the cold items.  And now with the Coronavirus, we wrap pizza boxes and double bag the food bags.  Our drivers never touch the containers that have the food in them.  Delivery people who may be ill or touching dirty surfaces then touch your bag can transfer germs/viruses to you when you pick up the bag.

Costs! Fees! Costs!

In 2019 Leaning Tower Pizza paid $79,173.54 to 3rd party Apps.  

Their fees can be as much as 34.5%!

So the commissions they charge for a $40 order could cost us $12.59.  Its hard to stay in business paying those kinds of fees.  Plus it is driving up the cost of food at a higher rate than normal inflation.  Check the prices on these APPs, you will find many items priced more than the store's menu price.

Also, please know that when you locate us through Yelp on your phone and click on "Call", they sell the number to Grubhub who charges about  $4.78 a call from the amount they pay us (these Apps pay us some weekly, some only monthly).  Some resturants report phone calls costing as much as $8 each.

See it like this

We all have a boss, even if you are the owner of a businees, your boss is your customer.

Imagine if...  You never see your boss, instead your boss uses a Middleman (3rd Party App, Say - Bosshub.com) to send you what they want you to do for them.  You get the instructions which can have errors and inconsistencies.  You do the work and the 3rd Party App takes 34.5% out of your paycheck or invoice.  

Worse yet, say there is an issue, whether it is your fault or not but there is a problem.  You cannot talk to your boss to resolve it, you don't know who he is!  You can read bad Yelps about your work, but can do nothing about it.  And for that it costs you 34.5%

Why Don't We Stop Using These Apps?

We would love too stop using these Apps.  However it is not so easy.

Most customers don't know about the costs and issues - they think they are ordering from us.  So, turning down these 3rd party orders are turning down customers who just want to order food.

If we ask to be removed from these Apps, they can still list us on their App becuase, we are public information, our menu is public information.  They can show us and our menu, but indicate "Not Accepting Orders at this time".  A customer sees this and thinks we are closed and orders from another store on the same App.  So it can be very costly to reject these Apps.  There have been stores who asked to be removed and find out that some of their orders are still coming from the Apps. Customers on these 3rd Party Apps placed orders and the App calls the restaurants pretending to be a regular customer to place the order.  The stores only found this out after customers were calling about problems with their orders that they placed through the Apps!

Right now the best we can do is inform customers and hope they place thier orders directly through us.  ANd for that, WE WILL MOW YOUR LAWN (And probably stay in business too).


How We Became Leaning Tower Pizza

Leaning Tower Pizza began in 2009, the owner Curt came into the restaurant several times and I could not believe how good the food was.  Speaking with the owners, I learned all the produce is bought fresh and the ingredients for their salads are not cut until ordered.   The pizzas are made from imported ingredients from Italy, the cheese, flour and tomatoes for the sauce, which is made daily.  

I never enjoyed working in a cubical, I thought how cool would it be to have a restaurant to own and use as my office too.  I just loved the food so much, I bought the place!  No cubical for me anymore….  I recommend you come in and try the food, you too will love it as much as I do!  

Curt now has started a tech company that will help restaurants deal with the burdening effects of the many new 3rd party online ordering sites such as GrubHub, Postmates & Doordash.  These companies charge as much as 34 1/2% commissions!  Many of these 3rd party companies create websites with domains which look like the store's own sites (www. leaning tower pizza menu.com is not our site!).  Look out for future developments from Curt and his www.TheOrderHound.com.

Curt has a saying to remember:     If you want mom to cook you dinner, call mom!  Not a neighbor who will just tell her what you want and charge her a commission of  34 1/2%!

Try Our Sister Store

MoDish BBQ

 Our sister store MoDish BBQ offers the same great homemade style food.  Free Delivery when you order directly from us and our Online Ordering service  Just to mention a few of our best items.  The ribs, that's why we started MoDish!  The Mac N Cheese, its not a Kraft Mac!  It is double baked and thick, its a meal!