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We Cube Our Cheese!

Our main pizza ingredients are Italian, the cheese, tomatoes we use to make our own sauces every day and the mill that makes our flour is more than 200 years old.  Our crust is a chewy NY Style.  We also have Gluten Free crusts and Vegan Cheese Options



Nearly everything we make is made to order and from scratch, including our Pastas, our Dough and Sauces day are made daily.  You will notice the difference, there is nothing processed served here!  Our food has a homemade quality.



We make all our desserts in house, from our amazing Cheese Cake to our homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies and Brownies.  You will also enjoy our Cinnamon Bread Sticks, Dip them in White Frosting 

It Is Always Best To Order Direct!

Free Delivery

Delivery is Free when you order directly fro us.  Call, Fax or order online form our website.  If you see a Delivery Charge you are not ordering directly from our website

Catering Orders

We Cater!  Orders can always be placed the day before, should you need your orders the same day call to be sure we are able to accomodate your schedule.

Online Ordering

We have our own online ordering system and is the only way to be assured that the site you are using has the most accurate menu and pricing.  Many 3rd party site try to look like us but they are typically not accurate

Delivery Times

Our delivery times are only our best estimates.  There is no way to be able to guarentee a delivery time because there are too many variables that can cause a delay, such as order load, traffic conditions, whe might have dropped your order and need to remake it, etc.

Gluten Free & Vegan Cheese

We use a rice based Gluten Free crust, small & Medium sizes only.  If you suffer from Celiac's disease, please let us know at time of ordering and we will be extra careful .  The Vegan cheese we use is a Daiya brand.  Our dough is already Vegan.

Our Guarantee

 If you are not completely satisfied with your Leaning Tower Pizza & Pasta experience, we will make it right or refund your money.  We hope that you contact us right away when there is an issue with your order, we would prefer to fix any issue right away and save your night's meal than to hear about an issue when it's too late to make your meal as good as it should be. 

Try Our sister store

MoDish BBQ

Our sister store MoDish BBQ offers the same great homemade style food.  Free Delivery when you order directly from us and our Online Ordering service  Just to mention a few of our best items.  The ribs, that's why we started MoDish!  The Mac N Cheese, its not a Kraft Mac!  It is double baked and thick, its a meal!